Timeledger Referral Program

Refer a company and get $15!

Share TimeLedger with colleagues and friends and get a $15 referral fee once they’ve completed their free 14-day trial. Get another $15 if they become a TimeLedger customer – that’s up to $30 per referral!*

  • Use the form below to refer TimeLedger.
  • Fill in your e-mail address and the e-mail of the person you are referring.
  • Customize the message if you like or use our suggestions.
  • Once the referred company signs up and completes their free trial, we’ll send you $15.
  • If your referral becomes a TimeLedger customer, we’ll send you another $15.

*Referrals must be of companies that would use a time and expense tracking application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the company I refer have to have a certain number of employees?

No — you can refer a company of any size with any number of employees because TimeLedger works with any number of users.

How many companies can I refer to TimeLedger?

You can refer as many companies as you want!

How will I get my $15?

When the company you refer mentions you, your name and e-mail will be connected to their account. When they finish their free trial, we’ll e-mail you to confirm how you would like to be paid the $15 referral free (paypal or via mail).