Flexible and Customizable Time and Expense Tracking to Best Fit Your Business

Enhancing productivity for companies around the globe for over 15 years

Fully customizable

Customize your reports to replicate the reporting system you already use, making it easier for your employees to get up to speed. You can also match the terminology used by your organization.

Ideal for 1 – 10,000 Users

Servicing up to 10,000 users per group across a wide range of industries worldwide, including home health care, construction, accounting, law, pharmaceutical companies, consultancies and other professional services.

Unmatched Mobility

Time and expense entries can be entered directly on virtually any mobile platform or device.

TimeLedger can help increase your productivity and profits.
14-Day Free Trial

Works on and offline

You can work anywhere in the world – on or offline – on any computer or mobile device. When you are back online, TimeLedger automatically syncs your data.

Real-Time Alerts

Set up unlimited email and SMS alerts with Budget Hawk™ and keep a close watch on project labor and expense budgets.

Over 40 languages

Each user can select from 40 different languages – either on a regular browser or on our mobile apps. TimeLedger’s mobile versions have native language translations including – Chinese, Japanese, French and German. Add any new language for US$400.

Secure & Reliable

Your data is stored and transferred securely with SSL encryption and our servers are backed-up continuously – ensuring that you can access your data any time.

Timesheet and expense approvals

Streamline your timesheet and expense management process with features designed to make the review and approval process simple and efficient.

Setup Groups, Teams or Departments

You can quickly setup TimeLedger for 1 to 10,000 people. Employees and contractors can be grouped and assigned to different managers for timesheet and expense approval.

Some of Our Customers

Fedex Beacon Consulting Group Spruce Technology Inc Intertek Omni State of Oregon