It pays to have friends. Literally.

Refer a company to TimeLedger and get 20% of whatever they pay us for the first year! You can create your own job just by referring companies to use TimeLedger! You are your own boss and make your own schedule!

Refer TimeLedger

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the company I refer have to have a certain number of employees?

No — you can refer a company of any size with any number of employees because TimeLedger works with any number of users.

How many companies can I refer to TimeLedger?

You can refer as many companies as you want!

How will I get my 20% ?

When the company you refer mentions you, your name and e-mail will be connected to their account. When they finish their free trial, we’ll e-mail you to confirm how you would like to be paid the $15 referral free (paypal or via mail).

Referral program TimeLedger

Share TimeLedger with colleagues and friends and get a $15 referral fee once they’ve completed their free 14-day trial. Get another $15 if they become a TimeLedger customer – that’s up to $30 per referral!*

  • Use the form below to refer TimeLedger.
  • Fill in your e-mail address and the e-mail of the person you are referring.
  • Customize the message if you like or use our suggestions.
  • Once the referred company signs up and completes their free trial, we’ll send you $15.
  • If your referral becomes a TimeLedger customer, we’ll send you another $15.