Changeable Features to Match Your Business Needs

Custom reports

TimeLedger will create reports that match your existing reports – so your people can quickly be getting valuable information.

Flexible terminology

Your people are instantly comfortable using TimeLedger as key terms can be easily modified to match the terminology used within your organization. Customers can be referred to as a “clients” or any other term you choose. Departments can be called “teams” or “groups”.

Multi-user/multi-department capable

TimeLedger is designed for companies of any size and teams from 1 to 1,000 – in one location or collaborating across the world. Organization charts provides a complete picture of every business unit. TimeLedger clients include both small and large companies in almost every industry, including home health care, construction, accounting, law, pharmaceutical, consulting and professional services.

Unmatched Mobility

Make time and expense entries directly from your mobile SmartPhone – Android, iPhone, Windows Phone – any mobile phone with Internet capability. Data is updated in real time to the main TimeLedger server for up-to-the-minute reports and feedback.

Make entries offline

Make time and expense entries from any mobile device – either online or offline. Your projects go with you on that flight. When you’re back to cell or Wi-Fi service, your entries are automatically synchronized – uploaded to the TimeLedger cloud servers with any new projects downloaded to your mobile device.

Setup Groups, Teams and Departments

Users can be grouped and assigned to different managers for timesheet and expense approval. Users and groups see only those projects assigned to them. Group managers can approve time and expense entries and get alerts if timesheets are not turned in by specified deadlines.

Secure & Reliable

Your data is 100% secure with TimeLedger. Your data is stored and transferred securely with SSL encryption. And TimeLedger doubles reliability by providing two completely independent domains – redundant paths through the Internet to your data. This ensures higher accessibility, so if a DNS server goes down in one region of the Internet, you can still reach TimeLedger by using the alternate domain TimeLedger2.com. With 20 years in business – TimeLedger gives you peace of mind that your time and expense tracking system is up and available 24/7/365.

Timesheet approvals

TimeLedger’s Timesheet Approval System helps ensure your reports and invoices are accurate and on time. Managers are able to review timesheets and track which have and have not been submitted for approval. The system automatically sends alerts (on a date and frequency set up by managers) telling users to submit their timesheets. Submitted timesheets are locked during the approval process. If necessary, timesheets can be approved by more than one manager (also useful where one manager is not available to approve timesheets). Managers approve timesheets from a master screen that tracks when timesheets were submitted and/or approved – and allows managers to communicate directly with any user about their timesheet.

Unlimited Alerts

TimeLedger Budget Hawk™ assists managers in keeping a close watch on project time and expense budgets. Budgets can be set on a client and/or project basis. You can set up an unlimited number of budget alerts at the client and/or project level — to be automatically sent to any number of email addresses and/or cell phones (via SMS text). Alerts can be set separately for labor and/or expense budgets – or for a single combined budget covering both labor and expenses. Alerts can be set as percentages or absolute monetary amounts – at any level – even past 100% of budget.

Expense approvals

TimeLedger helps you streamline your expense management process by allowing expenses to be grouped together by project and included on invoices. Reimbursements can be handled in batches for related events – by tagging multiple related expenses — such as “Chicago Trip”. Managers can then easily review and approve expenses.

Competitive Pricing

We will match any advertised price for comparable product. No minimum term contract. Free 40 day trial.

Over 40 languages

Each user can select from 40 different languages.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our standard reports are designed to suit your needs, whether you are looking for the executive summary view or the detailed view by department, user, client, project or activity. We can also provide budget reports, billable/non-billable reports and customizable report templates so you can create your own reports.

Profitability Reports

TimeLedger’s extensive reporting tools will enhance the productivity and efficiency of your organization by providing an unlimited number of reports, both preset and ad hoc. Preset reports include profit summaries – by project. You can create any type of report, which can be displayed in html (with links directly to other sections within TimeLedger), MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, text, graph or dashboard formats. Report screens can be emailed directly to anyone.

Snapshot Graphs

This feature gives company administrators a high level overview of the status of its projects. With a single click you can view graphs of the number of customers, number of projects, total revenue, budget overages and many other key metrics. It also gives an overview of the future growth potential and vulnerabilities to help your organization be better prepared. Snapshot Graphs can play a vital role in the success of your business.

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